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Encyclopedia of fairy tale heroes for kids

Have you ever sung together with a mermaid? Have you ever visited a gnome's house? Do you know where the Faun lives, how many flowers there are in the Fairy's garden and what Yeti's hobby is? How about what the Unicorn eats and who the Troll's friends are?

You and your child can find out about this and much more in our magic game about mythical creatures!

Thanks to this unique app, children can learn about fairytale creatures, their way of life, and where they live!

The interface is easy to understand even for the youngest ones:

  • Touch the character or its surroundings, and watch how it will react
  • Take a picture of yourself with your favorite character and keep the pictures (or share them with friends)
  • Chat with a game character, and it will repeat after you: each character has a unique voice

Key app features:

  • 7 incredible characters
  • Over 100 animations
  • The app is designed for children age 2-7
  • Voice-over by professional actors
  • No strict rules, just play for fun
  • No ads and built-in purchases; there is nothing to keep you and your child from enjoying the game

And what's more, you will find out where the rainbow comes from!

Privacy Policy

Thematica takes children's privacy very seriously. Our apps do not collect any personal information or include in-app purchases.

Wonderland - Encyclopedia of fairy tale heroes for kids

Download for iOS
Category: Education
Size: 149 MB
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, French, Swedish, Japanese
Rated 4+