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Space Mission

planetary exploration of the Moon and Mars

Congratulations! We’ve just launched Thematica’s space project.

Enjoy the app!

Does your kid want to be an astronaut? You can do your best in making this dream real right now! Our team developed the best surprise for young discoverers – 5 exciting and incredible space vehicles!

The new app “Space mission” will educate kids about how space vehicles work. And also the app will show what features they have in a real life.

It'll become the best app for kid to play again and again, because Space vehicles are amazing! Throughout there are lots of beautiful animations in the app, with great video and sound effects that will catch your's kid attention.

The App is easy to operate and has a simple easy-to-understand interface. To come of best and to collect all the goldstars your kid should do all his best in completing the levels of the app!

In the app you’ll find 5 interesting astrovehicles:

  • Mars rover
  • Moon rover
  • Rock’n’drilling rover
  • Module transporter
  • Rocket launching system

The app's scenario is really exciting. First of all you need to launch the rocket into space! It’s really fun and your kid can imagine himself like a real astronaut.

Also your kid should take samples of the ground and beautiful minerals, find the lost astronaut, set a flag and etc.

During the space mission your kid will have interesting tasks such as making unique pictures and transmitting it to the NASA base.

There you’ll meet nice aliens and learn about their culture.

This exploration becomes the best thing for fine motor skills, and success at each stage will be made clear by the award of another gold star. In case of your kid's misunderstanding with tasks there are always prompting pictures on the colorful background.


  • stimulates kid’s creativity and problem-solving skills
  • makes the educational process about space vehicles unusual and interesting
  • has a colorful graphics and exciting sounds

We love to hear from parents – and from kids, too. To tell us how we made a difference in your kid's education please rate our app and post a comment.

Privacy Policy

Thematica takes children's privacy very seriously. Our apps do not collect any personal information or include in-app purchases.
Category: Education
Size: 84.5 MB
Language: English, Russian
Rated 4+