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Guess the Dress!

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Yippee! We are going for a walk! There are so many interesting things outside! And your child puts on watertights instead of winter boots, and takes a colorful hat when it’s snowing outside. What is the right way to teach a child how to pick clothes for the weather? We can easily help with it!

The new app “Guess the Dress” will help children to associate the correct type of clothes with a season. Two funny guys are going for a walk, and they cannot decide what clothes better to wear for it. Kid needs to help them and pick the right clothes for a walk, based on the season outside. After chosen guy is dressed up, let him go outside! Does he look happy and smile? Good for you, everything is right! But if he frowns and shivers with cold, probably you did something wrong. Maybe better change clothes?

With updated version 8 new games are added in this App! We bet you’ll have fun doing any of this: making snowman, creating faces from sandwiches, helping toys run from rain and some other fun activities.

Friendly atmosphere of the game and colorful illustrations will draw attention of kids and keep them learning and having fun. Your child will be excited to try on clothes for smiling guys over and over again! User interface of the app is pretty simple and easy to use. Child just need to pick a season, click on character and correctly choose clothes for a walk.

“Guess the Dress” does not contain in-app purchases or social media buttons.


  • through playing teach children to think logically
  • stimulates children’s creative and problem-solving processes
  • provides knowledge necessary in a everyday life

Your kids will enjoy our app and they will probably not notice that they are learning during playing the game.

Enjoy playing :)

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Thematica takes children's privacy very seriously. Our apps do not collect any personal information or include in-app purchases.
Category: Education
Size: 44.1 MB
Language: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Rated 4+